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Now Accepting NANO!

We're happy to announce our first step towards adopting cryptocurrency as an alternate method of payment by accepting NANO (XRB) currency.

NANO is a feeless, low latency currency that allows for instant transactions regardless of the amount.

How can I get NANO?

If you are new to cryptocurrency, and you would like to get started with NANO, please take a minute to get your wallet here:

There is an app available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

NANO can currently be traded for Bitcoin and Ethereum on crypto exchanges like Binance.

What are the benefits of using NANO in your shop?

We're offering a nice discount for those who want to pay entirely via NANO. Use the coupon: NANOPAY for a 10% discount!

I want to spend my NANO!

Go through the checkout process, and select the payment type "NANO". It will take you to an order page that will prompt you to pay through your wallet on the order confirmation page.



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